How hot am I; answering your most awaited questions!

We human beings tend to feel vulnerable and insecure. Cause in this virtual world body shaming has become a very regular practice. And our already conscious self start getting more worried about the way we look, the way we dress, about our color and appearance.

So we bring for you, your very own rating app, how hot i am. follows the recognition technique and judging by your looks, present before you a score rate between 1 to 10.

Algorithm is prepared by the makers to rate your attractiveness with utmost finesse so that there is no room for any mistake.

On one hand the provided score may be approximate but completely relying on this score is not advised as it is completely meant for entertainment purpose to awake self awareness among our beautiful selves.

So a lot of times I stand in front of the mirror and I ask myself, do I look good enough, am I pretty or just some average looking girl?

So this application helps me boost up my confidence and admire my own self.

We all have heard this phrase that “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” but while think about our own looks we tend to ignore this and then believe what other think about it. We find those judgemental eyes more accurate than our own beliefs.


This application not only helps you admire your own self or entertain you but also brings the usage of this subtle   but a very accurate phrase in our life.

All your questions and queries like how good I look? Otr what others are going to think sbout the way I dress? Will be answered by this application in your very own phone.

It requires a little effort of downloading it from google play and tada!!! You are good to go.

Steps to be followed:-

  • scan one of your photographs using the facial recognition software.
  • Your photograph is then compared with the other faces using the database.
  • Also it determines the score using the features based on your different facial expression
  • The determined score between 1 to 10 is then displayed to you.


These simple steps can be a life changer for you. Now you know that your hot enough that you need not worry about what others think or say.

It helps you boost your self confidence and teaches you how to love your own self and show off what you have got.

This application measures all the little details of your face like shape and size of your eyes, nose, cheekbones, mouth and jaw. All your important features are observed with utmost finesse. The database is updated regularly to get perfect score and so that there is no mistake.

1 to 10 ratings our made in such a way, with 1 being the least attractive and 10 being the most. So pick up your phones, download this app and trust me when I say this, that after that you will look in the mirror with a different attitude, a good change.