Is CDN Important for the Static Content?

When you own a web site and you’re willing to make a speedy one, you may always apply for a CDN. Using such kind of solution can really speed up your site. However, it’s not the only benefit you may get while choosing this kind of service.

Today, we’re going to speak about CDN and will try to understand why this service is really important for the static content.

What is a CDN and Why Should I Use It?

A CDN or a Content Delivery Network is a network of server scattered around the world and used for storing web files like images, CSS, JS and other kinds of files. Every time when you decide to apply for such kind of services, you book an opportunity to place your web content on the servers located close to the place of residence of your target audience and serve them at a high speed.

Such a simple solution can really boost up your web performance as you let your website visitors get web content from the server located close to them instead of directing your initial one. However, it’s not the only benefit you may get once you’ve decided to book CDN services.

A CDN: Why Should I Use It?

When you use a CDN, you don’t only enhance your web performance: you also get a strong internet connection without any traffic spikes and package loss. Having a good internet traffic can give you an opportunity broadcast and live stream video content to your target audience without any problems or offer such services as VOD.

With a CDN, you may really reduce the load on your initial server as your web content will be transmitted from a number of servers united into a CDN network. Even if your initial server stops running, you may continue running your site with the help of other servers from a CDN network. Finally, a CDN can really help you cut down your hosting expenses as you don’t need to pay for hosting your site in the foreign country.

Using a CDN can also influence positively on your SEO rankings and user experience. If your site is speedy enough, there is always a great probability that it will be included into a Google or Bing search list. In addition, a good web performance often guarantees a good user experience: web site visitors and potential clients often choose speedy sites instead of crawling ones.

This is only a short list reasons why you actually need to use a CDN, and if you really need a CDN service of the highest quality for a very reasonable price, you may always visit a CDNsun official website.