Types of car bodies

Today, there is a great assortment of vehicles of various body types presented. However, the body type largely determines the cost of the vehicle itself, as well as the target audience of its customers, operating conditions and physical capabilities.


Sedans are regular vehicles equipped with four doors and a trunk. It is worth noting that sedans at the moment are the most popular body type in the entire world. Therefore, they have many subtypes and subspecies in various automakers. It is also worth mentioning that some sedans have an extended wheelbase. Most often, these are business-class cars like BMW 7 series. In this context, you may want to check out some BMW parts.


Coupes, as a rule, have only two doors with the roof being quite sloping, which makes this body type more sporty compared to sedans described above. There is also a special version of this body, which is called hardtop. The main difference between a regular coupe and a hardtop is that there is no window pillar between the front and rear side windows, which makes a hardtop look particularly astounding.


Limousines are usually very long luxurious cars design to accommodate a large number of passengers. One of the notable features of such a body type is the presence of a transparent or opaque partition, which separates the driver from the rest of the cabin, in which the passengers are traveling.


Hatchbacks resemble sedans but there is a small difference. The main feature of hatchbacks is the presence of a modified luggage compartment lid, which, when open, allows you to access the car cabin. In addition, hatchbacks have a sloping rear part as a rule. Today, hatchbacks are very popular in Europe and it is not surprising, because the hatchback model is incredibly comfortable and is perfect for family trips. Overall, hatchbacks resemble both sedans and station wagons; however, they are more practical than sedans and are usually smaller than station wagons. It is also worth noting that the body structure of hatchback vehicles allows you to transport long objects – for this purpose, you are going to need to remove the partition between the trunk and the rear seats.

Station Wagon

Station Wagon cars are quite similar to hatchbacks described in the previous paragraph. They also have two rows of seats with the number of doors being three or five.


Convertible is a 3-volumetric model of a car body with a collapsible roof. The roof itself can be made of hard material or fabric.


The minivan or as it is called in Europe – “People Carrier” is a special type of car body that is designed to transport six (or even more) people. It is distinguished by the presence of three or four rows of seats in the cabin, which can accommodate passengers quite comfortably.

Summing up, we hope that this article has clarified different body types for you. However, if you are a motorcycle person, you can check out some great BMW motorcycle sold online.