Bite Tag Forensic Proof


In challenges between attackers and sufferers, there is really a tendency with regard to teeth to become used like a weapon. It is sometimes the just defensive tactic for any victim in order to inflict severe injury about the assailant. It’s a well recognized fact, which in lovemaking attacks such as sexual murder, rape as well as child lovemaking abuse, the assailants generally bite their own victims. This can be viewed an phrase of prominence, rage as well as animalistic conduct. Not lots of people have the actual view which teeth could be such chaotic weapons (Fairly sweet & Fairly, 2001).

Early acknowledgement of chew marks sometimes appears in aged English Regulation where ‘member correct for support; included hands, legs as well as anterior teeth’. The very first bite tag case in the usa was the actual famous Salem Witch Tests, in 1692. Rev. Burroughs who had been convicted as well as hanged accustomed to bite their victims. During the actual trial their bite represents and of others were when compared to victim’s represents. The idol judges readily recognized the chew marks because evidence. Within 1870, The. I Johnson was thought of murdering their mistress. Five chew marks were available on her equip. The chew mark evidence didn’t hold as well as Robinson had been acquitted. Regardless of the negative results of the Johnson case, by 1890 chew mark evidence grew to become recognized within scientific groups (Vale because cited Dorion, 2004).

Just before 1950, the amount of cases exactly where bite represents were utilized as proof was small in comparison with today. A sizable proportion had been reported within Europe as well as Japan, but the majority of cases originated in the united states. In 2002, over four hundred forensic odontologists had been listed within the American Academy associated with Forensic Sciences (AAFS) (Dorion, 2004).

A main development within bite tag investigations in the united states began within 1962 whenever courses within forensic odontolgy began in the Armed Causes Institute associated with Pathology (AFIP) within Washington Deb. C. The improvement of forensic odontology had been furthered through the publication of the book within 1966 through Gustafson, known as ‘Forensic Odontology’. This guide had a considerable chapter dedicated to bite represents and was the very first major work to become published about this subject. After that in 1970, forensic odontology grew to become a department within the AAFS, and became named a niche in forensic technology. In 1976, the actual American Panel of Forensic Odontology (ABFO) had been organized. It was a action towards professionalism within the sector associated with forensic odontology. The ABFO began to provide the programme associated with certification within forensic odontology. This furthered the actual science associated with forensic odontology and managed to get more dependable (Dorion, 2004).


A forensic dentist isn’t an regular dentist; s/he is really a board- licensed specialist that deals mainly with chew mark proof. Although, one doesn’t have to be considered a specialist being an professional witness, it will help to reinforce the validity from the scientific proof in courtroom (O’Conner, 2006).

Forensic odontolgy is really a branch associated with forensic medication that within the interest associated with justice handles dental proof presented within the courts associated with law. The job of the forensic odontologist would be to identify human being remains via dental information, estimate grow older of each living as well as deceased individuals, analysis associated with bite represents on victims along with other substances for example foodstuffs as well as presentation associated with bite tag evidence within court being an expert see (Sellar, 2002).


Of all of the components of the body teeth outlast other parts following death. Their durability causes it to be perfect with regard to identification. Occasionally, they would be the only way of identification remaining. A obvious example is actually Adolf Hitler’s dental care records, that identified their corpse. It’s claimed which no a couple have similar teeth. In contrast to fingerprints that remain the same, teeth turn out to be unique with deterioration. For prosperous identification each ante as well as post mortem data ought to be available, even 1 tooth can be handy for id (Evans, 2004).

There tend to be about 200 different teeth charting methods on the planet, which offer an almost 100 % reliable way of identification. The actual American strategy, which is called the Common system, gives several to each one of the thirty 2 adult the teeth. Information is actually then documented on every tooth based on the five noticeable surface from the tooth. With this particular information, the actual odontologists may complete the dental grid, unique to that particular person (Evans, 2004).

Human chew marks are simply when teeth are utilized as weaponry. They may be used as weaponry of frustration; weapons associated with excitement; weaponry of manage or weaponry of damage (Lotter, 08). Bite marks are often on the skin from the victim. Females are often bitten about the breasts as well as legs throughout sexual episodes, while men are often bitten about the arms or even shoulders so when in protective postures bites are available on the actual hands as well as arms (Fairly sweet & Fairly, 2001).

The represents left through the teeth inside a person enables you to identify a person. Nowadays forensic odontologists have grown to be reasonably experienced at determining bite represents and relevant it to the one who has caused the tag (Horswell, 2004). A human being bite mark is generally described being an elliptical or even circular injury and also the differences in shape and size of teeth can often be easily noticed particularly when teeth tend to be missing or even prominent (Lotter, 08). Nevertheless, a chew mark isn’t an general accurate representation from the teeth; additionally, it depends about the jaw motion and utilization of the language. The reduce jaw is actually moveable and it is the one which gives probably the most biting pressure, while top of the jaw is generally stationery as well as holds as well as stretches your skin (Evans, 2004). The most typical type associated with bite represents are contusions. Incisions provide the best 3d images from the teeth. In the event that avulsions as well as artefacts tend to be combined, it’s possible to produce a 3d image as well. There tend to be seven kinds of bite represents; haemorrhage the industry small blood loss spot, abrasion that is an undamaging tag on pores and skin, contusion the industry ruptured bloodstream vessel bruise, laceration that is punctured or even torn pores and skin, avulsion have there been is removal from the skin as well as artefact were a bit of the is bitten away. These tend to be then additional divided in to four examples of impression, which whenever analysed will help note what type of violence had been exerted and can be utilized as irritating circumstances.

1. substantial pressure

two. first level pressure

3. chaotic pressure

four. skin strongly torn through body

(O’Conner, 2006).


In odontology, for the physical comparison of the bite mark to achieve success, the asked evidence (Queen) photograph from the bite mark should be accurately created. It should then end up being recreated inside a life dimension dimension, and it is then known as the Recognized (Nited kingdom) proof. After this really is done, the plaster cast from the defendant’s teeth are utilized to determine any similarities fit, positioning and so forth and on (Bowers & Johansen, 2004). The techniques typically used range from the older ones for instance hand tracing tooth perimeters upon clear acetate, then Xeroxing the actual dental casts after which tracing all of them on acetate as well. The dental care cast the teeth are after that pushed in to wax as well as filled after that with steel powder. Following this is carried out an x-ray film can be used to capture tooth impression. The immediate superimposition associated with Q as well as K photographs are utilized when dental practitioners testify within court, to show that there’s sufficient id value to achieve a outcome. These are meticulously designed to scale every single child provide thorough and precise comparison outcomes (Bowers & Johansen, 2004).

Lately, digital image resolution software as well as image catch devices possess created a far more advanced as well as accurate way of preventing any differences and enables the examiner to make use of the pc functions right into a microscope with regard to comparison. The digital system associated with analyzing chew marks has the advantages of creating accurate way of measuring bodily parameters associated with crime picture evidence, adjusts common photo taking distortion as well as size differences, helps to get rid of any examiner subjectivity, improves the manage of picture visualization, standardizes assessment procedures, helps to produce reproducibility associated with results in between separate examiners and is fantastic for electronic tranny and archiving (Bowers & Johansen, 2004). The greater the chew mark, the greater an expert could make a dependable comparison (O’ Connor, 2006).

The actual American Panel of Forensic Odontology (ABFO) comes after bite tag standards as well as guidelines. The ABFO provides a summary of generally recognized methods that meet the requirements of the actual scientific design. This would be to help forensic odontology to offer the objective associated with universally suitable methodology. The ABFO provides assistance with how in order to preserve chew mark proof, which tend to be saliva swabs associated with bite website, photographic documentation from the bite site which include lighting as well as scale, acquiring impressions associated with bite website including victim’s dental care impressions, cells specimens. Guidelines will also be formulated about the evidence assortment of suspected dentition and included in this are the photo taking documentation from the dentition, medical examination along with extraoral as well as intraoral factors and dental care impressions. In 1994 the actual ABFO indicated how the most favored methods associated with comparing chew mark proof were; the actual generation associated with overlays (acetate), test chew media for example wax exemplars, Styrofoam and so forth and assessment techniques mainly using acetate.

All ABFO diplomats are required to make use of the most analytical requirements and techniques suggested. Certain essential information should always be documented and mentioned. These tend to be done both regarding a residing victim like a deceased person. Demographics consist of details for example name associated with victim, situation number as well as date associated with examination, person to make contact with, age associated with victim, intercourse and title of examiner. The place of chew mark, which include the physiological location, description associated with surface shape and be it flat, curved or even irregular along with a description from the tissue features with precisely the fundamental bone, cartilage, muscle as well as fat structure and when the pores and skin is set or cellular. The form of the chew mark should be described for instance if it’s round, ovoid, crescent, abnormal etc. The color of the actual bite mark can also be important to notice, e. grams. red, crimson.

The size can also be to end up being noted, be it vertical or even horizontal as well as preferably noted within the metric program. The injury could be a petechial hemorrhage, contusion, scratching, laceration, incision, avulsion or even artifact. Other info that will be gathered if at all possible is if the skin area of indented or even smooth (Bowers & Johansen, 2004). Because the skin is actually elastic, and with respect to the victim a few bite represents may last all night while other people may final for times. All chew marks adjust themselves because time elapses, therefore you should photograph the actual bite represents as constant intervals on the period associated with hours as well as days because recommended through the ABFO (O’Connor, 2006).


The felony justice program has lengthy endorsed odontology like a major supply of valuable help. Apart through identifying perpetrators associated with crime, odontology has additionally helped within the identification associated with unidentified individuals (FBI Lab, 1989 because cited within Brennan, Gray- Beam, & Hensley, 1997).

Variations in the teeth are because different because those represents found through other resources and finger prints. Though an individual’s teeth might look exactly the same, they will vary in dimension, shape, agreement, wear, harm, age, quality as well as quantity as well as habits from the individual (Levine, 1972 air conditioning cited within Brennan, Gray- Beam, & Hensley, 1997). The FBI Lab in 1989 has figured dental originality is past any sensible doubt.

Bite tag analysis as well as evidence may be judicially accepted in the usa since 1954 (Doyle versus. State). It had been only within 1975, which bite tag evidence offered us the actual Marx regular of admissibility (Individuals vs. Marx, 1975). The identification of the biter may be useful as well as instrumental within criminal research especially within cases associated with homicide; lovemaking abuse as well as child misuse cases (Fairly & Fairly sweet, 2000 because cited within Bowers & Johansen, 2001). The UNITED STATES has a significant developed program of dental care records in line with the Universal system which helps substantially especially within identifying ‘John/ Her Doe’ sufferers (O’Connor, 2006).

The forensic pounds and value from the bite mark is dependant on the characteristics from the bite represents that act like the defendant’s. The majority of dentists’ although, rely on the ‘rule in’ or even ‘rule out’ fashion and for that reason provide the weak linkage. So at this time, the forensic weight of the evidence could be argued (Bowers & Johansen, 2004).

Forensic odontology continues to be new in order to criminal rights officials and it is success within the criminal rights field never been researched up to now. In the actual meantime 2 leading experts within the field, Doctor. Haynes as well as Dr. West happen to be doing well by utilizing ultra violet illumination to identify human chew marks upon rape sufferers. With this process they possess helped in order to capture as well as convict 10 rapists. Bite marks within the investigation as well as prosecution associated with rapists is essential, since numerous rapists chew their sufferers. Bite tag evidence is often as conclusive because both DNA as well as fingerprint evidence regarding rape. Valuable information can be acquired from the actual analysis from the bite tag. Odontology has turned out to be exceptionally precise in chaotic rape instances, since chew marks tend to be mostly contained in violent rape instances (Haynes as well as West, 1992 because cited within Brennan, Gray- Beam, & Hensley, 1997).

It should be considered that chew marks aren’t limited in order to skin. Teeth depart impressions on numerous things and when these are simply at the actual crime scene they are able to help within the investigation, with regard to e. grams. a bit of chewing chewing gum or meals like parmesan cheese or dark chocolate (Geberth, 2006). Dating back to 1906 in the united kingdom, two criminals were charged after one of these bit a bit of cheese that was on the crime picture. The prosecutors after that showed which imprint coordinated exactly their front the teeth (Evans, 2004).

The caliber of the bodily evidence, the adjustable nature associated with skin bruising and also the inability associated with dentists in order to accurately as well as scientifically show that the teeth are distinctive, create problems within the determination associated with positive identification to become used within court (Bowers, 2004). Legal problems for chew mark evidence are often two: dependability of evaluation and regardless of whether it violates constitutional privileges (Stimson & Mertz, 1997).

Though you will find strong quarrels that sustain that every human includes a unique dental care profile and it is discernable within bite represents this is not proven legitimate by any kind of experiments and therefore causes severe problems whenever presenting chew mark evidence within the courts associated with justice. The quantity and level of detail from the bite mark can vary from situation to situation and if it’s assumed which human dentition is exclusive it is sufficient to make use of as forensic proof. In the situation where it’s not known regardless of whether this personality is particular, the the majority of a chew mark can perform is in order to exclude or incorporate a person, as chew mark evidence isn’t sufficient to obtain a conviction (Bowers, 2004). More research is required to prove certainly that every human dentition is exclusive (Fairly sweet & Fairly, 2001).

Other issues that are experienced with professional witnesses within court are that it’s high not likely that their own qualifications may ever end up being challenged upon stand and more often than not odontologists function only on the part period basis having a law enforcement company. Another issue may be the problem if your standard process. In this specific field, specialists often use their very own methods. Addititionally there is the electronic divide, while some use the actual older techniques (acetate). When evaluating results this particular causes difficulties because the methods used won’t be the same and consequently blind evaluations reflect poorly about the professionalism associated with odontologists (O’Connor, 2006).


The most well-known case exactly where bite tag evidence resulted in a conviction is the case from the serial monster Ted Bundy. Nowadays when talking about bite tag evidence, people still discuss the Bundy situation. Bundy had been never caught before expert accounts of Doctor. Sauviron guaranteed a confidence and following execution. Within the trial, photographic proof of the chew marks as well as Bundy’s the teeth were proven. The acetate from the bite tag was after that placed within the photo associated with Bundy’s the teeth leaving without doubt whose the teeth had remaining the impact.

Nobody is for certain how lots of people Bundy wiped out between 1973 as well as 1978, but he or she was lastly convicted for that murder associated with Lisa Garnishment of Sarasota. This had been done due to the bites which were found on her behalf body. Forensic chew mark evaluation showed certainly that the actual impressions had been left through Bundy’s abnormal teeth (Lotter, 08).

There have been other instances were males were regrettably convicted due to erroneous chew mark id evidence. Ray Krone had been jailed for 10 years for the crime he’d not dedicated. A waitress, in Phoenix arizona was killed in 1991 as well as Krone had been sentenced on her murder. Following DNA screening was carried out, Krone had been free and also the true criminal was recognized. Forensic DNA wasn’t available during the time of the prosecution in support of a chew mark on the victim’s breasts connected Krone towards the murder. Despite the fact that the proof was really weak, he had been convicted due to the bite tag a forensic odontologist experienced said coordinated the dentition associated with Krone. Following an attractiveness, the container top the actual victim had been wearing had been re analyzed and salvia had been found that didn’t belong in order to Krone (Unfamiliar Author, 08). Within 1992, Roy Dark brown was charged of stabbing, defeating, biting as well as strangling the social employee in Ny. The situation rested on a single piece associated with evidence, the bite tag. A nearby dentist testified they matched Brown’s the teeth. He may be released within January 2007. DNA screening has proved how the saliva left within the bite mark didn’t match Brown’s. Additional inconsistencies had been that Dark brown has 2 missing entrance teeth, but the actual expert testified these might have been filled through twisting your skin (Santos, 2007).

Unfortunately there have been cases had been the criminal prosecution used chew mark proof to safe convictions, even though the individual was not guilty. With DNA along with other evidence getting more accessible, most cases happen to be overturned exactly where justice was not served. Bite tag evidence can be used carefully and also the over zealousness associated with prosecutors within acquiring the conviction mustn’t interfere along with evidence. Actually, in 1995 forensic odontologists have began to avoid while using term ‘match’ to get rid of errors, since additional evidence ought to be produced as well as bite represents (Santos, 2007). CSI results on everyone has overstated the accurateness associated with bite tag evidence. Bite tag evidence may determine whether a topic can end up being excluded or if the suspect may be the one that inflicted the actual bite. More research is required since chew mark evidence by itself does not necessarily produce definitive results.