Microsoft is in all its way to bring new windows 11 to the public. Though there was a big question mark on its release because Microsoft had earlier announced that windows 10 is the last version in the windows series. After hearing that Microsoft is planning to bring its new version the excitement and expectation of the people is touching the sky. It is expected that there will be many new and fast features in it. The most desirable feature that every windows user is expecting is that there must be a fresh format with several new applications without any compatibility issue.

Even a little information about the new windows 11 is creating sensation among the users. The whole tech industry is also waiting for its release. Most people complained that they are not getting interested in the update strategy that has been adopted recently. In the last version it came up with not only interesting look but enough useful features to put enterprise on to the windows upgrading mode. They want something much bigger that than from the Microsoft in the form of next version of windows. Though Microsoft is still not that open about its new project as it is busy providing new updates to its users.

The previous launch of windows 10 was a big success but still people are more inclined towards new windows 11. Microsoft see the developers a part of the big picture and consider them behind the successful iteration of windows 10 and same is expected again from them. A complete strategy was developed for its success that includes giving compiling reasons to download new updates. It has given an amazing look to the windows 10 with some extraordinary features and the public is waiting for something more interesting in windows 11.