Top 5 Best Ubuntu Games


Wondering whats new you can do with your latest Ubuntu Linux 14.04? Its been 2 months since its release. We will help you pickup your leisure time enjoyment to relax you. So take a break from your busy life and boring Linux games and read on for latest fun with your Linux box. Let’s take a look at top 5 best ubuntu 14.04 games –


One of the successful open source alternate for traditional Age of Empires game. It assumes that several civilization around the world, at their pick , existed in imaginary time period in history called 0 A.D. You are the owner of the town and you need to manage the civilization and defend your city. You can go to war by yourself to dominate other civilizations and cities. Latest version included new civilizations with additional buildings and equipments. LAN and Internet multi-player mode allows you to enjoy this game with friends. But single player mode in opposite to AI (Artificial Intelligence) is also much enjoyable.

Warzone 2100

Another civilization based game but set in future instead of the past. You get to play with robots and artificial intelligence controlled war machines. Oil is still one of the very important energy resources in the future world in the game. To progress and complete various missions you need to capture oil posts to generate energy for your robot military. Once you have enough energy you can rediscover lost technology and design your own new technology. This includes war robots, tanks and firing guns. Game comes with three unique campaigns.


VDrift is the leader when it comes to drift racing on Linux. Its a cross platform 3d car racing game. You have a lot of freedom customizing your car. Instead of giving user various type of player mode it only focuses on pure racing. Some users have reported a little bit buggy UI and issues with controls. Still its a best game for drift racing lovers on Linux platform. Keep in mind that this is more of a simulator instead of a real game for the hard core gamers. However the physics engine is great for drift racing and is developed from scratch, although influenced heavily by other open source car simulators.


TORCS is The Open Racing Car Simulator. Another major car racing in the Linux world for serious racing lover. Along with regular keyboard and mouse controls it offers joystick and steering wheel control if your device supports it. Comes bundled with different cars, tracks and opponents as well as racing modes. It covers practice sessions and championship mode. This 3d car simulator can be used by teachers, students, engineers as well as hard core gamers equally. It runs on multiple platforms. Future releases include networked multi-player mode and improved physics.


Are you into First Person Shooter Games? Don’t feel left alone. We have you covered. OpenArena is one of the major player in open source FPS (First Person Shooter) game sector. It is community backed 3d game released under GPL license. You can host it on your web server without worrying about any legal issues. It has many unique player modes along with more than 12 types of weapons. Though some of the graphics and texture might not live upto your standard expectation, this is a must try open source FPS for your new Ubuntu 14.04., Web Development and SEO Link Building Services…