Do You Need Data Recovery for Investigative Purposes? Read This!

One of the assets in our lives is information. We all have information which has financial, emotional, business or legal value to us. As such, we should try our best not lose it. We store our data in locations such as our computer hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, magnetic drives, RAID arrays and optical drives too. Unfortunately, these storage locations can get damaged or corrupted. If this happens, there are companies that you can turn to for restoration. One of such is WeRecoverData. This is a company based in New York that specializes in the professional recovery of data from storage devices that have got damaged. Read on to learn more about this firm.

What is WeRecoverData?

With branches all over the world, WeRecoverData is a company that specializes in the restoration of lost data. They have all the necessary technology resources as well as required skillset to restore information from any storage devices which you could have. They are reputable and have actually made investments in data recovery research and development. The company has the highest success rate of data recovery in the industry.

Features of WeRecoverData

This company has a number of characteristics. They include:

  1. It is a leading provider of solutions for data recovery new york
  2. Provider of top practices and techniques in the industry
  3. Many years of experience in restoring data for clients
  4. A team of professional data recovery and management experts
  5. Excellent service to individuals, government agencies, health facilities and Fortune 500 companies
  6. Accurate, timely and top quality hard drive recovery ny
  7. Emergency response day and night
  8. WeRecoverData has a data recovery Guarantee Policy

The characteristics above make this firm a top option. Moreover, they have active customer service provision which you can access over the phone or through email. In addition to regular data recovery new york, this company also provides specialized data recovery for computer forensics purposes.

Specialized computer forensics data recovery

Computer forensics is a branch of general forensics that deals with the restoration and management of data for use as valid evidence. Seeing as there is extensive use of computers, tablets, smartphones and other electronic devices in daily life, there are many instances where people have performed crimes using them and proceeded to wipe the data out. WeRecoverData can restore this information for investigative purposes.

The company has experience in using specialized techniques for the purpose of restoring information without compromising its integrity. They have worked with agencies such as legal companies, law enforcement, private investigators, technical advisors and corporations. By providing hard drive recovery ny, they have helped to provide evidence during investigations.


If the data in a storage media has been deleted, hidden or corrupted, WeRecoverData can effectively restore it. If the media has been submerged in water, suffered physical damage or has malfunctioning parts, this company can still recover information from it. WeRecoverData is well-equipped to conduct a variety of data recovery procedures. You can contact them for a session through email or by filling in a form in their website. Their customer service providers will get in touch with you shortly with a suitable solution.