BiglyBT: The best torrent client without Ads

The world of torrent clients have two or three main actors who account for most users. Undoubtedly, one of them is Vuze, a cross – platform client available for Windows, Linux and MacOS with some additional features that have become a reference. Launched 14 years ago, it has gone through many phases and now seems to have regained popularity. However, its open source license allows the arrival of interesting alternatives. We present BiglyBT new torrent client based on Vuze (Azureus) without advertising.

BiglyBT, is the new best torrent client without ads. Its creators describe it as fork Vuze / Azureus no ads and no other integrated functions. The idea is to create a customer lighter that does not include advertising , but all the engine power of the original. For now, the first version is quite similar, but its leaders have great ideas for the future.

Where do I get torrent file?

There are hundreds of web pages to download torrents, but it’s true that there are only a few are who at the level of  kickass torrent, which has been blocked an year ago. The portal has completely closed and the admin was arrested by police. The top portals to downloading torrents, worldwide, is headed now and for a long time – The Pirate Bay. They remain leads on no.1 by the number of users who rely on them every month, but that does not mean that The Pirate Bay going to find one hundred percent of what we want. There are other  alternative best torrent sites who specialize in specific categories – by the type of file- or genres, talking about movies and series and the like.

BiglyBT: The Best torrent Client

At present, we can get Vuze in two versions. Vuze Free, with ads, lacks functions c omo antivirus protection or viewing video while downloading . To achieve these functions, in addition to completely eliminate advertising, we Vuze Vuze Plus + or you can get it for 14.90 euros, as there is currently an offer of 50%.

At the moment, BiglyBT is “a copy” of Vuze Free, but not including ads. Original client users will see many similarities between the two programs, but this is only because it is the first version. Project managers want to start from Vuze no ads to build your product.

They have been removed many features that add complexity to the network client content, promotions of games, DVD recording and installer offers . In addition, BiglyBT is completely opensource unlike Vuze, which includes some proprietary code.

The functions of BiglyBT find the ability to connect to other torrents that have the same files to accelerate the download speed , the ability to set limits and speed ratios, the existence of a web client and remote control even from Android, feed RSS, viewing comments and notes, and supports VPN I2P, has multimedia player and converter and is compatible with UPnP and DLNA protocols.