The Top Five AV Equipment Every Modern Conference Room Must Have

It’s not about being posh or stylish, but the truth is that you can quite accurately gauge a company’s mentality regarding innovation and good organisation by the way their conference room is arranged – and you can be sure that your visitors will have an impression about your own conference room as well.

Every visitor to your company understands automatically how you view the importance of conferences by whether you roll out an old TV on a portable stand, or whether you use the remote control to turn on a wall-mounted screen that gives the viewer high resolution. Impressions last and make a big difference. Here are the top five AV equipment every modern conference room must have.

A great TV

There are a lot of things you may feel that you don’t need, but when it comes to conference rooms, a great HD, large-screen TV isn’t one of them. It’s necessary that everyone gets the best viewing experience possible, and you should never save money in this area.

A projector

If your meetings usually involve more than a small group – say, 20 people or more – then it pays to have a projector that can ensure everyone in attendance has a quality viewing experience. A wall can easily be converted into a movie screen, and it won’t cost that much. Look for size of projection (range) and definition.

The telephone

You can’t be talking on the cell phone all the time, and when there is a conference call to be made, media such as Skype (no matter how great it may be) may not be sufficient. Get a telephone that will ensure your conference call needs – look for clear audio, free hand capabilities and multiple-wire options.

The right solutions

If you’re thinking about a quick system to set everything up, then working with visible wires and connecting everything the old-fashioned way may not be the perfect solution. People will walk into the conference room with their phones, tablets and laptops, and you want them all to be connected the proper way. Install wireless solutions, or make use of the proper furniture such as an AV media cabinet.

The sound system

You may be investing in a great TV or a projector, but if your sound system is not up-to-date, it may not provide the same experience. Invest in a sound system – it’s really not that expensive, yet it makes a big difference.

The conference room is a place where important issues are discussed and where often important decisions are made. More than that, it’s an area where guests are entertained and informed – and it makes absolutely no sense not to invest in up-to-date technology to make the decision process or guest entertainment easy and convenient. It’s too important to ignore; the future of the company could very well depend on it.