Wltoys F939 Upgraded Version Review

Low voltage security.

Transmitter will beep on battery.

Function: down and up, forward, turn left and 360 degree flip.

Control Distance: Around 100m

LCD display, can display control info.

Material: EPS

2.4G two-way transmission to your simple control.

Transmitter battery 6 * 1.5V AA batteries (not included)

Wingspan: 405mm

The F939 Polecat is an beginner’s plane with features. This plane comprises gyro stabilizers to create flying this 4 station aircraft simple. This is a massive update to the original F939 that was hard for newcomer to fly. Locate here is more from RCMOMENT and the Wltoys F939 here Get batteries.

Gyro feature guarantees a flight.

There is some stabilization.

Quadcopter Size: 405 * 395 85mm

The Pole Cat has been recreated by wLToys in dimension that’s capable of all flights using ailerons, rudder and a throttle and elevator. It sports a balanced airframe, which provides stable nimble flight attributes. Complete with a 2.4GHz 4 channel transmitter, a 130mah LiPoly battery and charger, this modest Ready To Fly aerobatic marvel is simple to transfer and will have you dominating the skies within minutes of opening the box.

From shape, it isn’t simple using EPS substance.

Ages: Above 14 Years

Mode: Mode two

No building, fully-assembled.

Prior to leaving the home, simply charge its batteries.

Time: Around 30-40mins

In stabilization mode, accelerometer and gyro stabilization makes popping this airplane hard. In this manner the aircraft won’t let itself reverse or to rollover. That is not to mention that somebody out there will triumph in doing this.

130mah provides flight period that is short. It is a fantastic thing that two batteries have been supplied.

Flight Time: approximately 5mins

Two batteries are supplied. Also batteries for that are widely accessible and inexpensive.