Biggest tech trends in 2022

We bring you some of the tech trends that will keep us busy in the new year. Some of these trends are already familiar to you, but will see a transformation in 2022, so they will be relatively recent technological advances

New spaces on the market of online shops

Some spaces of businesses have been growing only because of one real reason. Accessibility. Accessibility has grown so much that people all around the world can easily order anything. For example, CBD. Because of the legalization of CBD in Canada, this made ordering anything, even top shelf dispensary easier than ever. Accessibility has given us features we could never ever wish for.

VR & AR glasses

VR and AR are still in their infancy and therefore have enormous potential. Large companies such as Lufthansa are already using “Augmented Reality” to train cabin crew. Looking at the screen could soon be completely replaced with these glasses. Future VR glasses will display games even better and will be easier to use. Beginning in January 2022 Sony announced the next generation of VR gaming for the Playstation 5. A lot will also happen in 2002 when it comes to AR glasses. Google has announced that it will resume the failed Google Glass project. Speculations about AR glasses from Apple do not stop either. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of formerly Facebook, now Meta, announced last fall that they were working on a virtual reality platform. In the future, users will meet in the Metaverse and do everything there that can also be done in the real world – work, shop, learn. The first step has been taken with a pair of glasses called Cambria, which is due to appear later this year.

Smart home

2021 was marked by contact and exit restrictions, home office and holiday plans that fell through. As a result, it was time to retreat to your own four walls – the smart home. We are already familiar with the term, but in 2022 trends from the “Smart Home” sector will change some of the ways of life within your own four walls. The Internet of Things will not only network smart home devices, but also smartwatches and fitness trackers. Smart assistants like Alexa will play an even more important role in everyday life with the help of artificial intelligence in order to increase user loyalty. And another innovation comes from Amazon – the smart home robot Astro. It can play your favorite music, set alarms and reminders, and move to its charger when the battery is low. The competition never sleeps, so 2022 could be a revolutionary year for human-robot interaction. The integration of health is also becoming more and more relevant – scales networked with Smart Home as well as activity and fitness trackers are enjoying increasing popularity. The data can be sent to a cloud and then evaluated.


We are already familiar with clamshell cell phones from the 90s and 00s and are experiencing a revival in a modified form. There are now foldables, i.e. collapsible cell phones that look more attractive than their predecessors and are miles more developed in terms of functionality. Samsung caused a stir in August 2021 with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. The Chinese manufacturer Huawei has created another foldable. This year we expect a smartphone evolution towards a foldable device. More and more manufacturers will produce foldable models that are more suitable for everyday use. For example, Motorola has announced a new version of the legendary Razr and Oppo is also working on a new device. The price development will also be interesting – at 1,000 to 2,000 euros for a device, foldable cell phones are still expensive gadgets.