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Gain A Better Understanding On What To Look Out For in a Dedicated Server Hosting

Whether businesses small or big, in today’s world you require an established online presence. Otherwise, your customers might be one step away from getting attracted to what your competitors have to offer. Just like quality products, excellent marketing skills, and customer service, you also need to build an online setup that would help in serving customers with a smooth retail experience. Dedicated server hosting plays a great role in this as they help you have a strong web strategy and be stable which helps in growing positive sentiments among businesses and customers. 

Quality dedicated servers hosting would assure or guarantee little downtime and incredible user experience. They should be able to grow with you. Keep these features in mind which in the long run will help in choosing the right server hosting for smooth online business setup and service.


Online and server hosting and security go hand in hand. Never forget that the chances of malware and cyber attacks are increasing day by day. Therefore always be careful of the server hosting you are going for. If you are not being careful, your data could be hacked and used for ransom ware are or even the personal information of your clients could be hacked. This breach might cause you to lose on your business which happens with 60% of businesses within 6 months of getting hacked. VPS Malaysia dedicated server hosting uses the latest encryption technology like intrusion prevention, web app security, next-generation firewall prevention, DDoS protection for optimum security. 

Encrypted technology secures your data from the eyes of the hacker. And a tip would be to never go for a host where the password storage is done in plain text format. Reliable Dedicated server hosting provides you with spam filtering, SSL certificates as well as dedicated IP addresses with your package and other added services. 

Customer Support Agents 

Technology or the web never sleeps. Therefore the dedicated server hosting you would be going for should have a 24-hour customer support group that would help you in interacting with them regarding any issue. Again, your company employees might need someone from the technical side of the hosting server to troubleshoot a problem. Again any dedicated server hosting apart from offline support offers online support too. Not just mail and chat, they offer content, tutorials, technical videos, and a lot more. This you would never get from a shared server hosting. Your provider should be able to provide you with 99.95% uptime if not more. 

Offline and Online Backup

Backup is one of the most secure ways to retain your lost data due to malfunction or cyber attack. A server hosting that does not offer backup even offline would never be the best choice for a growing company. One-click-off-site backup helps you immediately to retain information both from your server and the host one too. And, one of the best features that dedicated server hosting offers would be your choice of operating system and server configuration. 


When your website helps in growing your business, your server should be able to grow with you too. Look for a server that has been heavily endorsed and reviewed by previous clients. This should include server monitoring, OS update, patching, and a lot more. Server monitoring ensures that the health of your server is in top-notch condition. Dedicated server hosting provides you with customized services through which you could benefit the most. 

VPS Malaysia helps in setting up your business online and provides a solid foundation that your business deserves. These are some factors to look out for when trying to find the right dedicated server hosting which is sincere and proficient.