How to Choose a Smart Watch

Many users have a question, what is the function that a smart watch should have? This is a question that many large manufacturers such as HUAWEI and APPLE cannot answer. Today’s article will make a brief analysis.

First, do watches need to be intelligent? The answer is yes. With the development of science and technology and people’s quality of life, the intelligence of watches is the general trend. Watches have appeared in two extremes to this day. One is the infinitely low price, and the other is that the price has no upper limit. Users can browse the two watches with similar appearance on the social platform. The low price even costs only one meal. However, if the price is expensive, users may not be able to afford it for a year’s salary. I have to admit that in the traditional watch industry, the original functions are being forgotten by consumers. It has become more of a decoration.

Second, how intelligent should watches be? For most consumers, watches are not as intelligent as possible. The difference between them in the eyes of users is that an LED screen replaces the quartz watch plate. Adding a little intelligent data, such as monitoring motion data and making phone calls. But in fact, many other functions for most users are useless. Such as 24-hour heart rate monitoring, etc.

Of course, there are some watches with mixed functions. Today, this article recommends some watches for you to choose from. The first is Withings Steel HR of NOKIA. It has the appearance of a traditional watch, but it is a smart watch. The buttons on its side can wake up and switch the LED screen in the watch screen. Through the app on the mobile phone, a variety of health data of users can be recorded. The second is HUAWEI’s HONOR Watch Magic. At present, there is a big discount to buy HONOR Watch Magic in Britain. This smart watch is excellent in all aspects. The dial adopts ceramic technology, which makes the user feel comfortable to wear. Moreover, this watch not only has basic functions, but also can select the pictures appearing on the dial according to the needs of users. Whether it is a business pointer dial or a casual sports electronic dial, it can be switched at will. With different watchbands, It can meet the needs in various occasions.

The above is the way this article brings you to choose smart watches. I hope this article can provide some help when you choose smart watches.