How to prevent surveillance cameras from being hacked? 

Everyone in today’s world, especially the large businesses are spending huge money on making their networks more secure. Although there are different surveillance cameras installed globally, it is necessary to analyze them properly before installing them in your office or house. 

As per reports, the prevalence of surveillance cameras has become so high in offices and houses, that there are high chances for these cameras to reach 1 billion around the world. The cameras play an important role in checking the potential problems and preventing the loss in businesses. 

But what if these cameras become prone to hacking? Surveillance cameras, although meant for your safety, are most prone to hacking. The threats to the cameras further pave the way to different threats. 

Surveillance hacks are increasing

Every day we hear the story of security cameras being hacked. These have become pretty common in today’s world. The security camera hacks news took over the market in 2018 itself. The vulnerability of these cameras being hacked is nothing new. Every day there is a new story of a new surveillance camera being hacked. The increased vulnerability is making the users doubtful of whether they want to install these cameras or not. 

Most of the companies, of all sizes (large and small), are dependent on these surveillance cameras for their functioning. Although these companies install the surveillance cameras, they do not take enough measures to make these cameras strong enough to be protected against hacks. 

Why are security cameras vulnerable?

Security cameras are undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of the Internet of Things. However, this device is also prone to hacking vulnerabilities. 

The surveillance camera owner connects the camera with an internet connection for different purposes. At the same time, it is necessary to install these cameras with complete protection. The connection with the internet gives the owner the ability to keep a check in their home while they are away. 

The constant update by the camera manufacturers also increases the risk of cameras being hacked. The camera, being extremely vulnerable to attackers, can be easily broken in. Like most of the devices, these surveillance cameras too have IP addresses that can be found using IP trackers. 

The poorly connected systems with cameras will eventually be harmful. The homeowners and business owners must analyze the entire system before installing these cameras. You will need to analyze the system thoroughly before installing the cameras for increased safety.