Top 3 Websites for Tracking Who Called Me at This Phone Number


The “Catfish” TV series on MTV uses this well-known paid phone search service. This site claims to provide reasonably priced access to public records for Individuals searches, reverse lookups, and other purposes. Find more about free number lookup

The best uses for BeenVerified’s phone number lookup search tool include background checks on unfamiliar callers, potential dates, and getting in touch with former acquaintances or friends. Should you have reason to believe that your spouse is not being truthful about their connections, you can also investigate unfamiliar numbers you notice on their phone.

Get a BeenVerified membership if you’re receiving a lot of unsolicited calls from telemarketers or spam calls from a local fake phone number. For a complete portfolio of services, BeenVerified is more reasonably priced than Intelius, but neither company provides a simple standalone reverse phone lookup package like TruthFinder.


TruthFinder is a for-profit reverse phone lookup service that provides background checks in addition to reverse phone searches.

In case you perform several reverse phone lookups, the $4.99/month phone search membership could out to be really beneficial. Unlimited monthly phone number searches are included with a reverse phone lookup subscription.

Checking phone numbers can help you discover out who your spouse could be messaging, learn more about potential spam calls, study potential dates before you meet them, and confirm the legitimacy of internet merchants. TruthFinder suggests checking phone numbers.

To check for inaccurate or outdated information on outdated social media pages, you might also wish to conduct a monthly search on yourself. You may find that someone has created new social media, email, or phone accounts in your name and that your identity has been stolen.

Investing in a TruthFinder membership can be worthwhile if you frequently use caller ID or reverse number lookup on your phone to find unknown numbers. If you’re buying or selling anything on Facebook Marketplace or OfferUp, or if you’re meeting a lot of new people through online dating, it could also be worth your time.

It might not be the greatest idea to use a membership service like TruthFinder for reverse phone search if you only seldom need to look up a phone number you don’t recognise.


Another paid phone number search service is called Intelius. To find out who phoned you from a number you don’t recognise, Intelius advises looking up the caller’s phone number. Phone number lookups may also be used to confirm that your contact lists are up to date or to learn more about an online date.

After six days, Intelius will automatically charge your credit card or PayPal account with the first month’s payment if you don’t cancel your membership during your trial. But for access to the data in the Intelius database, the price could be justified.

A premium service like Intelius’s reverse phone lookup + persons search can be more than you can afford if you just sporadically wonder, “who called me from this phone number?”