5 Tips on How to Efficiently Use an Access Control Security System

Access control security systems are becoming increasingly popular to protect buildings and facilities from unauthorised access. These systems use various technologies, such as keycards, biometrics, and smartphone apps, to control who can enter a building and when. When implementing an access control security system, it’s essential to know how to use all of its features efficiently so you can make the most of it. Here are five tips on how to use your access system efficiently.

1. Clearly Define Who Should Have Access

Before setting up your door access control system in Singapore, it’s crucial to understand who can enter your building and when clearly. While this usually involves employees, you can also give access to contractors, vendors and guests. You can do this by creating roles in your system and assigning them to each person that has been registered. By clearly defining these groups and the areas of the building they should have access to, you can ensure that only authorised individuals can enter.

2. Use Multiple Forms of Authentication

A keycard may be lost or stolen, and a PIN can be easily shared. Ensure that you have multiple forms of authentication available for your visitors. For example, you could use both keycards and a fingerprint access system. Various ways to access your system can increase security and make it more difficult for unauthorised individuals to gain access.

3. Keep Access Rights Up to Date

As employees come and go, keeping track of who should have access to your building is essential. By regularly reviewing and updating access rights, you can ensure that only authorised individuals have access to your facility. You can disable old keycards and delete unneeded biometrics from the access control management system.

4. Monitor Access Logs

Your access control security system should log who has entered and exited the building and when. These logs can help you identify patterns of behaviour that may indicate a security breach or other problem. For example, a specific employee enters and exits a building roughly the same time daily, but if this routine breaks, it may be a sign of something suspicious.

5. Train Your Employees

Employees need to understand how to use the access control system properly for it to be effective. You’ll need to teach them how to use its authentication method properly, whether a fingerprint access system or a keycard. They should also know how to report lost or stolen keycards and how to request access rights changes.

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