Compress PDF

How to compress PDF

As soon as you reduce the size of your PDF, you can send it by email much more easily. The reason for this: compressing saves storage space. In this practical tip we explain how you can implement the whole thing and benefit from it. Compress PDF file using the resolution...

Reviewing 3 types of TV wall mounts!

Ever since flat panels became the new norm, wall mounts emerged as the must-have accessory. A TV wall mount – just like the name suggests – is designed to mount the TV on the wall. There are varied categories to choose from, and if you check for PrimeCables wall mounts...

Tips and Tricks to Make Money With Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting has been gaining a lot of traction in recent times. Site owners are increasingly turning to resellers for customized plans and personalized services. On the other hand, people looking for business ideas are realizing the profit-making potential of the web hosting business and opting for the reseller route....