Document Control Keeper

The way you control our documents and manage our records has certainly altered over time however i am still sometimes astonished incidentally the requirements for document management and control continue being so misinterpreted. Most management system standards did an admirable job clearing the text to produce this less confusing and less prescriptive. Document control keeper causes it to be simpler than in the past to use an effective and efficient way to control documents and records, however, this has not stopped some companies from getting a “Document Control Coordinator” to make certain company procedures and coverage is adopted. He in lies the problem, procedures and policies that have been written ten or twelve in the past or maybe more haven’t any devote today’s operations. Not to make light from this, but it’s like saying “Just what a beautiful sunset” although we still say things like this even though everyone knows the sun’s sun rays never really sets… The idea of it goes to once we still believed our world was flat.

In my opinion you’ll find companies available which also feel our world is flat. I believe that this since i have met a young lady not so extended ago inside a company where I had been performing an audit. She’d several papers along with her installed on a few different clipboards. I requested if she didn’t mind saying what her role was inside the organization along with what was she doing now. She happily described they was the document control coordinator responsible for document management and control, which she was whilst getting several documents approved. I requested if she could walk me through the whole process of getting these documents approved. “Clearly” she responded getting a large smile.

She began, the document involves me in many forms, sometimes it’s installed on an e-mail, frequently it’s hands written on certificates, a napkin or other surface plus the problem from the revision I sometimes get yourself a printed copy in the previous version all marked tabs on highlights and strike throughs. I then enter in the document in my computer adding the needed header and footer information, reference ID, etc. then i run it using a dictionary with dictionary with spell checker so when satisfied the document is okay, I print a replica and connect it to my clip board then search for the approvers with an ink signature.

Once I hold the signatures in the approvers without any further changes are essential, I go back to my desk and scan the signed copy in the document as well as in the scan I produce a Pdf she described. The electronic type of the scanned file adopts a folder around the shared drive. Further she mentioned, “I print several copies and stamp these with our red colored “Controlled Copy” stamp and distribute them where needed”

Once I requested “How come you stamp them?” she responded because the ISO standard states we have to. I mentioned to her that we stood a fairly good working knowledge of numerous management system standards including ISO 9001 and did not recall ever due to the fact requirement that they assured me it absolutely was there. I mentioned quietly under my breath “Yeah as well as the earth is really flat” Once I requested just what the second clipboard was for, she indicated it absolutely was for your rejected documents that may acquire one or approval signatures already about it until you are rejected, by doing this she will keep your great ones additionally towards the rejected ones.

She further described, sometimes she’s to endure this complete cycle 3 or 4 occasions to acquire a document approved and printed. I mentioned to her, “You need to be snappy” and he or she responded they involved 300 documents behind as well as, because the organization does not desire to hire another worker to help her there had not been other method this, there had not been hope of ever creating ground. I suggested to her there have been top quality document control management software’s available but she interrupted tallying, nonetheless they could never do what she does. Right now it absolutely was about 3:30 pm inside the mid-day therefore i ask her any question the amount of approvals maybe you have become done today?