5 Ways an Accessibility Overlay Can Make Your Website Accessible

Accessibility overlays are software tools that sit at the top of the site to make it easier for people with special needs or disabilities to use. They are able to tell the difference between a bad and a good site. When your business website becomes accessible, it satisfies the bid of search engines to remain important and relevant to more users who shop online.

Installing the right accessibility overlay for your business

With the help of the right accessibility overlay, you can make your site more user-friendly for those people with special needs or disabilities in the following ways-

  • Add video captions- Users that have attempted to watch a video on YouTube with its sound off know how hard it is for them to understand the content of the video. This means people who are deaf or have hearing problems face the same problems, so adding captions to your videos can make a lot of difference to them.
  • Text-based webpage- If your site has a lot of visual content, you can give your users a text screen reader homepage instead. This allows users to have a general comprehension of what lies on it. This addition makes it simple for people who cannot see images or understand how the site works, so it will really work well with your users.
  • Keyboard navigation- You should ensure that all the site links can be accessed with keyboard navigation. This feature is great for users who cannot access the mouse or hands. They find it hard to type on the keyboard. You should ensure all buttons and links can be accessed via standard commands on the keyboard so that all kinds of users to your site are able to get an equal opportunity to enjoy its contents.
  • Never rely on color alone- Several people have color blindness, and they do not know what they are missing out on when it comes to the distinction between the colors green and blue, as they often view them to be the same. You should think again when you are using color to convey content meaning like a link so that users are able to comprehend its goal.
  • Users should get the option to change the font size- Users should have the option to change the font size of their browser or website. Those users that are visually impaired find it hard to read sometimes. They should be given the option to change the font size so that they can read everything on the website.

With the help of accessibility overlay, you should make the site accessible on mobile devices. There are some users that are accessing the Internet with their phones. Visits to sites have changed a lot in recent years, so ensure that your website can be accessed on mobile devices along with computers. In short, users should be able to use the website seamlessly irrespective of where they are on. Invest in an overlay with the latest technology to get the best results for your business!