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Transfer Oracle database to SQL Server

Oracle software is the most powerful database management system and because of its popularity it has a strict licensing policy side by side with good pricing plans. Naturally Oracle developers and administrators charge more for their work than other database professionals. These reasons are enough to force many companies to...

Reviewing 3 types of TV wall mounts!

Ever since flat panels became the new norm, wall mounts emerged as the must-have accessory. A TV wall mount – just like the name suggests – is designed to mount the TV on the wall. There are varied categories to choose from, and if you check for PrimeCables wall mounts...

Ideas To Practice Photography At Home

They say that routine is the worst enemy of inspiration. Have you ever wondered why when you go on a trip to an unknown place suddenly you cannot stop taking photos at all hours and everything? Why do you suddenly feel so and so inspired? Very easy, because it is new,...