ArchiverFS Program for Offering File Archiving Solution 

MLtek is a company located in the United Kingdom and they have a unique software product that is a file archiving program for servers and storage systems. This program allows you to use almost any device as 2nd tier archiving storage, while just leaving a small footprint on your host system. 

Full support

The program features complete support for:

  • DFS
  • Cloud
  • Replication
  • De-duplication
  • Compression

ArchiverFS lets you use any NAS, SAN or cloud as your storage for files that are old or unstructured. You can share it to the network using a UNC path and format this with NTFS or REFS and then you are able to use it as 2nd line storage. Let’s have a look at their solution


This is an overview of how ArchiverFS works and is fairly easy to explain since the principals that underlying this program are quite simple. ArchiverFS allows you to automatically move any old or unused files from numerous storage devices to any other devices using UNC paths while leaving behind links and managing any permission. There are several criteria that you can choose from such as:

  • Size
  • Type
  • Last date accessed or modified

You also have the option to choose what sorts of links that you want to leave behind – if any. This live file system has a directory structure that automatically matched to the archive storage as a part of the process of archiving. This includes all NTFS attributes and permissions.

Once moved

Once these files have been moved, the Maintenance Job will then be used. Among other tasks, the Maintenance Job can take care of the function of keeping the permissions synchronized between the archive and the live file systems and return recently used files back into the live file system. 


How you configure this program is completely up to you, it has the flexibility that is incredible. You are able to migrate older files to all shares that are detectable to the network by SMB as well as formatted with NTFS.


You can install this program on any Windows or Vista2008 Server or any later Windows operating systems. This install process is covered in the quick setup guide and the full user guide and normally takes around ½ hour 30 to get the program fully up and running on a system that is freshly built. Then you set up a job identifying where you want to move these files from, where you want to move these files too and what choices you would like to use such size, file type, etc. Guidance for all of this can be found in the full user guide, or you can simply click “create a job” and follow the prompts which are very straight forward. Then you configure the maintenance job. Then configure the Graveyard job.

All very simple and straight forward with all the help that you need to get up and running. This shows simply and easily how ArchiverFS works