The 3 fastest growing technology trends

With such growth rates, it is no wonder that fitness technologies are constantly evolving. It’s great when you have the latest technology. But if you want to be one step ahead, you need to know which technological trends in the fitness sector are growing the most and therefore promise the highest profits. So if you want to expand your knowledge, read on. Here are the four fastest growing trends in the fitness industry:

1.  Apple Music

One of the best things about Apple Music is its seamless integration with other Apple devices. If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you can simply connect your device to your Mac or PC and start listening to your favorite tunes. Moreover, Apple Music is also available on Android devices, so you can enjoy your music even if you don’t own an Apple device. Buy Apple Music plays to start your career right now!

2. Online training service

With social distancing regulations in place, 16% of adults say they are watching more fitness-related videos online than before. Online coaching and virtual training have become the driving forces behind the fitness industry. Many modern clubs use mobile apps and integration technology to connect instructors and members. Countless apps are available that simulate personal trainers on members’ smartphones, helping them achieve their personal fitness goals without having to pay a personal trainer to do it. 

Technologies like Endomondo make personal training affordable for millions of people. With the increasing popularity of exercise apps, their services are a significant new market within the fitness industry. Despite the strong growth, it is clear that virtual training is still in its infancy. With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, these service offerings continue to grow exponentially. It currently looks like online training is the most lucrative and secure platform for personal trainers. This will probably remain the case for the foreseeable future.

3. Mobile Apps

The last emerging technology on our list is mobile apps. Health and fitness apps currently have a market share of almost 3% in the Google and Apple app stores. With more and more smartphone users, it’s no surprise that mobile fitness apps are seeing the fastest growth of any trend on our list. Smartphones are used for everything, especially fitness. What is surprising is that fitness apps are forecast to grow by 7.6% between 2017 and 2022 compared to other mobile apps. This amazing number explains why studio owners are so eager to use mobile apps to increase customer retention, fill online courses and provide a better customer experience.

The beauty of a mobile app is that it can conveniently combine points one and three on this list into one technical solution. With a well-made app, members can use their smartphone to view the course offerings, register and use all the virtual workouts from your program. Apart from that, it can be a powerful tool for the trainers as well. You can view participants’ workout history and their overall progress – even when they’re not online. The possibility of data tracking gives the trainers the opportunity to give individual tips that motivate members to continue pursuing their fitness goals outside of the studio.