This Week in Data: Understanding Data Observability

What is data observability (really)? This week’s data discussions have delved into the world of data observability, posing questions about its essence and how it intersects with the strategic planning of generative AI budgets. Notably, insights reveal that a limited number of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) currently allocate substantial resources to generative AI, while Morgan Stanley forecasts a 15 to 20% increase in enterprise adoption within the next three years.

For those contemplating their generative AI budgets for 2024, the implications of these revelations are significant. Engagement through comments and votes in the LinkedIn poll on generative AI has been substantial, indicating a collective interest in shaping the future of AI investments. Attendees at TED AI this week can anticipate a live debate on these topics, featuring Bruno.

In this week’s carcast, key discussions unfold:

  1. Generative AI in the Enterprise: Michael Krigsman from CXO Talk leads a debate on identifying use cases for enterprise AI. The focus is on understanding why trust and data quality serve as pivotal competitive advantages.


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  1. The State of AI Report 2023: Air Street Capital’s latest research on AI investment provides valuable insights. Notably, generative AI applications have experienced a breakthrough year, securing $18 billion in venture capital and corporate investments. The report also highlights that 70% of the most-cited AI papers in the last three years originate from U.S.-based institutions and organizations.
  1. Decoding Data Observability: Exploring the concept of data observability, the focus is on the imperative role it plays in supporting generative AI. Sanjeev Mohan advocates for DataBizOps, emphasizing the need to optimize the cloud in the context of value creation. This aligns with a belief expressed a year ago, emphasizing the importance of data mesh and why it should be a focal point of attention.

This week’s CarCast features an insightful interview question from Peter Thiel and a brief review of Claire Hughes Johnson’s book Scaling People, a notable figure in Silicon Valley and former COO at Stripe.

Bruno Aziza, a technology entrepreneur, serves as a partner at CapitalG, Alphabet’s independent growth fund.

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