Different cameras for a safe feeling

Do you want to deter burglars? You can keep your home or company safe by placing cameras around the building. By means of this, burglars will not that easy hack your home. With different cameras you can secure your home properly. But what exactly do you need? You need a 24/7 IP camera system and a software to manage all these cameras. The Synology license makes it possible 

to add more camera’s in the easiest way possible. Optimized and flexible Synology license packs are available for you and make sure you can add more IP cameras to your Surveillance station network. Easy when you want to add more cameras around the house. Everyone wants to protect their home, so make sure you will use the Synology license. Want to know more about Synology? We will tell you more.


Add more cameras if you want

Keep your home and business safe with lots of cameras. The house or company with cameras scares off burglars, and when a burglary does take place, it can be seen on camera, so the burglar will easily get caught. Start with one camera licenses. For the second camera, you can buy another Synology license and add to your account. Ready to expand? Add the other camera licenses. At Synology there are different possibilities. You can choose for one camera, but also for a pack with four to eight. Would you like to order these Synology license? Visit the website and order online. You will get the license by mail. It’s 24 hours a day, seven days a week, fully automated and with free-shipping. Pay attention to the seller to make sure it is an official license. Of course nobody wants problems with the software so buy from a authorized reseller. When using a hacked, cracked or generated license or serial, your workspace can become deactivated without any notice when the next update is run. Always pay attention when buying online.

But the legal Synology license

Are you thinking whether to buy the sinology license packs of nor? It is possible to buy it at different websites, but please make sure you only buy the legal one. You can but the official license at an authorized reseller. At this seller you can be sure of no problems with the license. Besides that, you will receive any updates when available. The new updates will not be received at licensed that are not official. Curious about these authorized resellers? Visit the website of Innocam, because Innocam is one of the authorized resellers. All the other official buyers can be found on the official Synology website. Need more information? Visit the Innocam website or contact them via info@innocam.nl