Get paid to play – How InboxDollars rewards you for gaming?

What's the Difference

Do you love playing fun online games in your spare time? What if you could get paid cash for all that gaming? It’s possible with InboxDollars. InboxDollars is a rewards website that pays its members to do simple activities like taking surveys, watching videos, searching the web, and more. One of the most enjoyable ways to earn is by playing free games right on the InboxDollars platform. You can rack up cash by playing classic games like solitaire, slots, pool, mahjongg, and word search puzzles. Gaming might seem too good to be true as an easy way to make money from home. But with InboxDollars, it’s a legitimate income source.  Keep reading to learn how the InboxDollars gaming rewards work, the top games that pay, and tips to maximize your earnings from playing.

Top paying games on InboxDollars

While InboxDollars offers a variety of classic arcade-style games to choose from, not all games pay the same rate. Here are some of the top options for maximizing your earnings:

  1. Slots

This Vegas-style slots game is one of the most popular on linkedin pulse review on InboxDollars program due to its frequent payouts. You earn $0.01 each time you win a spin and hit the bonus rounds. With fast gameplay, the winnings add up quickly.

  1. Solitaire Rush

The addicting card game solitaire always pays off. Earn up to $0.02 for completing each solitaire hand successfully. Quick games make this a steady earner.

  1. Mahjong dimensions

By matching the tiles, you earn $0.01-$0.02 for each mahjong level completed. This game has a relaxing appeal for casual gameplay.

  1. Word Search

Earn up to $0.04 for each fun word search puzzle you complete. You easily bounce around different word boards to maximize earnings.

  1. Pool Pro

Knocking in balls on the virtual pool table pays off with earnings of $0.01 per shot or bonus round. Rack up cash by mastering your pool skills.

  1. Card collection

Building card collections pay $0.01 per completed set. Earn even more for rare collector’s card sets. It combines luck and skill for variety.

 Earn more from InboxDollars games

To maximize how much extra cash you earn from the InboxDollars gaming options, keep these tips in mind:

  • Sort games by pay rate

Be strategic about which games you spend time playing. You sort the InboxDollars game list based on reward amount, number of plays, or alphabetical.

  • Play new games

When InboxDollars adds new gaming offerings, make sure to try them out early and often. New games usually have promotional offers like double rewards or achievement bonuses for the first few weeks to attract players.

  • Play multiple games

It’s tempting to master just one or two games; you’ll earn more by diversifying and spreading out plays across different options. Mix up gameplay to avoid boredom too.

  • Use free spins

InboxDollars hands out free spins fairly often for trying out new slot games. Use these free spins strategically to boost winnings since you’re not spending your cash bets.

  • Compete in tournaments

Periodically, InboxDollars runs slot tournaments where you win bonus cash prizes based on your leaderboard ranking. Enter free tournaments when available for a chance to win.

  • Install mobile apps

Download the iOS or Android apps from InboxDollars so you play and earn on your phone or tablet too. Quick gameplay sessions earn cash when you’re on the go.