Keeping Text Messages Compliant For Business Use

Text messages are perhaps the most convenient communications platform you can use for business. Not only can you instantly share information with your employees, but you can also utilize it to connect with your customers. However, much as the benefits are great for your company, irresponsible use could lead to legal consequences. Yes, we are talking about compliance for text messages.

Many organizations regulate business communications, some of which include the FTC andFCC. From obtaining consent to capturing text messages, we’ll show you some tips to maintain compliance with regulatory bodies.

Obtain Written Consent

Before contacting your customers for a text campaign, always obtain their written consent first. Note that your customers would want to be informed about your plans to send messages to their phones, and you can get their express written permission through the following:

  • Enter their phone number in an online web form with the required terms
  • Sign-up in a physical location, such as through an office branch, using a form with the necessary terms
  • Send a specific keyword to your company’s number through an ad (E.g., Text “MESSAGE” to 1234)

Don’t forget to include the terms when signing up for your campaign and the call-to-action with your opt-in method. You should not require your potential receivers to opt-in to your text program under any circumstances.


Call-to-action, or CTA for short, is the set of instructions and conditions to prompt your customers to sign-up for your campaign. There are several details your CTA must consist of, and none of those should be left out.

First, you must state the purpose of your marketing campaign, so your receiver will know what they’ll get. It can be for promotional purposes, gift cards and coupons, reminders for new products, and many more. Whatever the reason may be, always specify to avoid unwanted surprises.

Second, state the frequency and rates of receiving messages. Will you send a text once only or recurring every week? Additionally, include the potential charges of receiving messages from you.

Lastly, add your terms and conditions, which should be composed of the following:

  • Company identity
  • Customer care contact
  • Product and service description
  • Opt-outwritten in bold letters

You should also have a privacy policy underneath your CTA. The privacy policy may be the full info, but you can also place a link that will direct the receiver to the policy website.

Confirmation Message

The first message you should send for a newly signed-in customer is a confirmation message. This message should have your company’s identity, frequency, possible data rates, and instructions on how to opt out. 

Use an Archiving Solution

In general, privacy and protection of your customer’s data in text messages are crucial in maintaining compliance. Educating your employees on the matter is paramount, but so is keeping a complete archive of all the messages your business sends and receives regularly.

Utilizing LeapXpert’s archiving solution can help your company maintain compliance with all regulations. To learn more about the fundamentals of text message compliance, get in touch with LeapXpert today.