Use Instagram guides correctly to inspire customers and fans

Instagram guides can be created quickly and easily. The user is of course free to create several guides in order to offer an overview of the most important topics of his account, his services or highlights. Click here for more info – Fameoninsta service

A guide always starts with a cover photo in portrait format. This is displayed first when sharing a guide. The title of the guide is displayed on the cover picture along with the number of articles it contains. Then a self-created text gives an introduction.

The prerequisite for curating a guide is that all the posts included must be published on Instagram. It is currently not possible to upload these exclusively for a guide.

This offers the chance to place articles specifically thematically and opens up completely new possibilities in storytelling. The advantage: text and image come together much better than with conventional contributions. Here, the combination can be used to create more in-depth relationships and thus an even better user experience for visitors to your own profile.

Create your own Instagram guides – instructions

Instagram guides are created directly from your own profile. To do this, simply click on the plus icon in the top right corner of the profile and select Guide. The type of guide can then be selected. There is a choice between locations, products or contributions. The following applies to all three categories. It doesn’t have to be your own content or your own products. So it can be about favorite products from various own posts or products from other users’ posts. By the way, you can watch insta stories even without an Instagram account. StoriesIG will help you with this.

The respective location, the respective product or the desired contribution can then be selected.

And then? Finished! Now the text can be written and the first, own Instagram guide is ready.

What could the future of Instagram guides look like?

Instagram guides are especially interesting for all those people who have an existing blog and thus already produce their own content. The texts created for this can be reused in guides or “teased”. The guides could sooner or later become an alternative to “Link in Bio”. In particular, the non-existent possibility of placing links on Instagram has in some cases greatly irritated companies – and in some cases kept them completely away from the platform.

If the guides are firmly established in our social media marketing “everyday life” , it can be assumed that the Instagram platform as a whole will get even more attention. Especially companies that have not yet used Instagram because they supposedly lack the “sexy” photo and video material, get new opportunities to present their own brand accordingly with Instagram Guides. That alone could be a reason for even more companies to jump onto the platform.