What are the various types of software for gyms?

Gym management software provides gyms and leisure centres with the ability to manage facilities, memberships, schedules and more. These systems include databases for storing member information and managing financial records, in addition to a customer-facing interface that members can use for self-management. 

Understanding the similarities and differences between the various types of software for gyms can help you make a wise purchase decision. In this article, we compare some of the leading software solutions for gyms, discussing the unique features and benefits of each. 

  1. Resamania 

Resamania is extremely popular among gym owners for a few reasons, particularly because they were especially helpful in supporting gyms through the recent pandemic. Many clubs signed up to Resamania during this period because unlike some other gym software providers, Resamania made additional efforts to adapt their service to the unusual economic conditions. This kept many gym owners afloat. The customer service team is also described in very positive terms by customers online, and their reviews speak to a successful track record. Not to mention the prices are very competitive.

  1. PushPress

PushPress is another example of great gym management software, and this package is particularly good because it is designed for gyms that are trying to grow. This company is unique in that they actually founded a gym as part of their research and development, which is quite impressive! Based on the problems they encountered first-hand, they designed some gym management software that they believed would make life much easier for other gym managers. Now, their customer support team have all had experience running gyms, meaning they can be particularly helpful. 

  1. WellnessLiving

This is one of the cheaper options in terms of gym management software, and may be useful for smaller gyms and leisure facilities. It has sophisticated scheduling features, and places an emphasis on customer relations and lead generation. Marketing automations and rewards schemes can easily be set up to generate interest in your brand and get more people purchasing memberships. 


This company offers a collection of web and mobile apps that you can use to manage your gym or health facility. One USP of this brand of software is that it enables you to conduct digital fitness and health assessments, which you could use to tailor the programmes of your clients. You can also use this service to deliver fitness sessions remotely. It also comes with the typical scheduling, staff management and business analysis features that you can use to enhance your business processes. 

  1. ActiveWorks for Parks and Recreation

ActiveWorks brings us a different kind of software package, as this is designed for outdoor leisure management. This could prove particularly useful to the public following the recent pandemic, as many fitness instructors took to local parks to organise events. Using this software, such people can manage a large outdoor fitness operation by managing registrations, reservations, schedules, attendance and more. One apparent downside that is frequently mentioned in reviews is how difficult the system is to use in terms of the user interface.