What Makes Shared Hosting Beginner Friendly?

Over the last two decades, digitization has changed the way businesses spread awareness about their products and services. While an online presence has become mandatory for all businesses, most people base their decisions of buying products/services on the experience they have on the website of a brand. Hence, websites have become critical digital assets. For a site to be available online, it needs to be stored on a web server. Hence, choosing the right web hosting service is crucial to its success. While there are many hosting plans available, a Shared Hosting plan is usually preferred by most new site owners for reasons described below.

1. Affordability

In a Shared Website Hosting architecture, your website resides on a server that is shared between multiple users. Hence, for the hosting company, the cost of running and managing the web server is divided between many users. This makes Shared Hosting highly cost-effective. Most new businesses have basic resource requirements and tight IT budgets that make Shared Hosting plans ideal for them.

2. Ideal for new websites

There are different types of hosting servers available like Shared Hosting Servers, VPS Servers, Cloud Hosting Servers, Dedicated Servers, etc. Each of these servers is ideal for different types of websites. New websites usually have basic resource requirements and low budgets. Hence, Shared Hosting with its low costs and limited resources is ideal for new websites and new bloggers.

Further, new websites are usually basic in nature and don’t need specific applications or configuration settings. Hence, they don’t need high-end hosting plans like VPS, Cloud, or Dedicated Hosting. For such sites, Shared Hosting fulfils the purpose without being heavy on the pockets.

The following video shows why Shared Hosting is perfect for new bloggers:

3. Support and Maintenance

On a Shared Hosting Server, if one site faces a technological issue, then all other sites can get impacted. In other hosting types, the site owner needs to run some server maintenance and security-related tasks. However, with Shared Hosting, all these tasks are managed by the hosting provider. This makes it easy for newbies with no knowledge about web hosting to launch their websites with ease.

4. Ease of Use

Most Shared Hosting providers offer templates to help design the website, tools to set up the site and customize it, and a wizard-based interface to update data including files, images, etc. The provider also offers tools to help understand various statistics related to site management. These tools are highly beneficial to new site owners.

Summing Up

Launching a new website involves a lot of things like designing the site, creating content, finding the right hosting service, and running and maintaining it. Web hosting is a technical process and most site owners are not technically qualified. Opting for a Dedicated Web Server or VPS requires the site owner to understand the technical aspects of web hosting to a certain extent.

However, with Shared Hosting, new site owners can get started in no time even if they have no idea of web hosting. While the resources are shared, most new sites have low resource requirements, making Shared Website Hosting plans ideal for them. If you are launching a new site and looking for web hosting in India, then look for a Shared Hosting plan provided your site has basic resource requirements. Good Luck!