Importance of employee engagement in the workplace during 2020 pandemic

The employee engagement is one of the fundamental and important facets of management when you are leading a corporate team. The approach of engaging the employees is designed and aimed at ensuring that the employees remain committed to the objectives, goals and values of the organization. It also encourages them to contribute to the success of organization and enhance the sense of their well-being. Employee engagement is a process of leadership where you influence the behavior of your employees in such a way that they willingly want to achieve the predetermined goals set by the organization.

The impact of good leadership and employee engagement

The leadership is essentially the ability of an individual to inspire the subordinates in working with high motivation levels. It can also be defined as ability to influence the team towards realizing a common goal. Leaders need to develop a future vision and motivate the members of the organization for achieving that vision. Some of the important qualities of the leader are as follows.

Inter–personal process: It is essentially a process between the leaders and their followers. This relationship basically determines how efficiently the work is done and the targets of the organization are met.

Attaining common goals: One of the fundamental objectives of leadership is guiding people within an organization and inspiring them to work for attaining the common goals set by the organization.

Continuous process: Leadership is a continual process where you head and guide the team in the best way possible while learning from experiences along the way. The leader also has the responsibility of monitoring the team to ensure that their efforts are streamlined and in sync with the vision of the organization.

The significance of the employee engagement

Some of the benefits reaped through active and positive employee engagement are as follows. Employee engagement boosts productivity and customer satisfaction whereas helps in retaining best people. It also enhances the culture of the company and improves the well-being and health of the employees which means happier work culture. All of this results in overall better quality all round which leads to higher sales and profitability.

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